Monday, September 15, 2014

Out Of Hibernation- SALE

Yeppers-- I am coming out of hibernation and going to rejuvenate the beading blog..  Let start with news of an awesome sale at Bead Patterns Boutique.
While you are there be sure to shop the Untested category. Lots of new patterns there.
For the next 3 days only! Come on down and do some shopping and save 15% off your entire purchase! Just enter the code bpb1504 at check out.
I know, that sounds like that's enough, but you should know by now, we just gotta be different. So let's throw another spin on things.
If during this sale, you spend $20 or more after your 15% discount, you will receive an additional, single use discount code that will save you 25% on your next shopping trip. ( additional coupon will expire on November 1, 2014) Just keep an eye on your email. It will show up within 24 hours sent from the Boutique.
Make sure to check out all the wonderful patterns in many categories. Shop your way at the Boutique with our internal search. We even have a new category called "Patterns Un-tested". Just look to the left side of the site for all of our Category listings.
What "Un-tested" means is: These are works put together by our designers, but have not yet been beaded up. It does not mean that these are a lessor quality. Our designers are just that awesome!

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