Sunday, June 2, 2013

Put the fire OUT..

 GGGRRRRRR. So if you follow me at all you know we spend quite a bit of time riding high up in the Mountain Ranges that surround our area. Now that the snow has-or most of it anyway-  melted in the higher elevations people are out camping, hiking and just enjoying the great outdoors like we do. This past weekend we spent Saturday and Sunday out taking pictures, picking Morels and a little target practice. Fun Times!! But in our outings we came across 3 different camp fires that were burning. The people had just packed up, broke camp and left their campfires burning. Nothing irks me more.. well quite a few things do, but this is just stupid. One gust of wind can send sparks flying. Next thing you know- Forest Fire. Idiots.. PUT YOUR FIRE OUT. One of those fires had flames over a foot tall. Okay-- thats my gripe.. Here are a few Pics from the weekend..It was a Pretty nice out and I managed to get about 8lbs or so of the Morels. Now the Yellow Corals are popping up.. YUM...


Nicole Beadwright Campanella said...

Great shots Lore. Love the Lady Slipper.
Andddd.... yeah just how stupid and lazy are people. Ohhh I guess pretty stupid and lazy for leaving the fires.

Salem Witch Child said...

Great pictures. :) It took me a minute to find the moose. lol