Wednesday, May 1, 2013

What's In the Mail!! WooHoo!!

 Whoop! The mailman brought me a package today! Last week Nicole At Beadwright had a giveaway for her birthday. And I won-- Yes!! So the mailman brought the package this morning and look what was in there.. These uber awesome beads.. I LOVE this shell and have all kinds of idea's floating around in my head already.. And LOOK. I have this piece of Sea Sediment sitting here on my work bench that I have been staring at the last few days-- trying to decide what to make with it. Look how well those beads Nicole sent match! How cool is that...?  Also be sure to Stop By Nicoles Blog and site. She has some great prices on beads, backing and supplies! Also-- she has a link to her May freebie patterns set up. Thanks so much Nicole!

1 comment:

Nicole Beadwright Campanella said...

Glad you like the beads and the shell Lori. Wow those beads match perfectly. I guess we are on the same wave.