Monday, February 18, 2013

Is Spring "Springing"?

It has been really nice here the last few days. Sure, there is still frost on everything when we get up in the morning but Mr Sun had made an appearance every morning, thawing the ground and warming me to my core. Its amazing what sunshine can do for an attitude isn't it? Yesterday I spent awhile pulling the old dead leaves away from my strawberry plants and sweeping the outside decks. I have to say--sure beats shoveling the snow off them. LOL.
So here's a picture or two from the last few weeks. I also want to remind you that February's "freebie" pattern is still available on my website. I'll post March's on the 1st as usual. It will be an "Easter" Pattern.. In April I will hop back to the Native American patterns...May-- well April showers bring may flowers so I'll go floral..

These pictures were taken here in the Spokane area. The tree lined driveway is in an area called Greenbluff. The stump is at the boat launch where we put our boat in the water. They haven't opened the dam up so the water is really low! Hope this finds you all well and going through a Spring Thaw!

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