Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Summers Bounty

I know, I know-- I have not been here for awhile. And while I have been beading-- a little-- and working glass- (Probably more then beading) I have been busy. Busy with odds  and ends and Gardening and preserving and what not. This last week was filled with donation runs to a city not far from us that is experiencing Wildfires and damage. But- More about that some other time. I know I  some shared some Jam making a few weeks -ago--Oh-- Now that I look its been a month..Wow- Summer sure is flying by. So I thought I'd share a few recipes over the next few days..
Butter Logs

  1. Butter- Homemade butter that even you can make at home. So simple and once you try it you may never buy "store" butter again. 
  2. Zuchinni bread-- Its my grandma's Old recipe and is a favorite.
  3. Slow Roasted Cherry tomatoes and preserving them for later
  4. Summer Sausage Using Either Store purchased meats Or maybe Venison you may have
  5. Jam-- open to suggestions but the next Batch will be Apricot so thats what I'll try to show you.
I will no doubt toss a few other things in here as "stuff" ripens in the garden.
If you are interested stay tuned and check back in.. If not..Well beading and glass posts will resume in about 2 weeks or so.. S0--- here is a Spider that has taken up residence in One of my pepper plants.. She has been busy also!!


Craftymoose Crafts said...

I love the end of the summer when everything ripens at once! I'm still waiting on a few plum tomatoes and some peppers.

Beadwright said...

I know how hard you have been working in the garden and helping with the fires over there. Isn't this a Hobo spider?
Can't wait for all your recipes.
I already know how good your jam is. Yum Yum

Lori said...

Nope-- Not a Hobo... just
a big ol Garden Spider... Got a few hobos lurking in the basement with the ghosties...Actually the hobos are bad In this area this year... Everyone is complaining about them..