Friday, June 1, 2012

Phoenix (Or if you prefer) Thunderbird Lighter Cover

Yay-- It's done. Another one of those Nifty Lighter covers. This one is a Phoenix Or Thunderbird. The wings wrap around and meet in the back.
Ya all gotta know by now that I am as slow as they come working in peyote stitch but I think I may be getting a bit faster. Maybe! So the pattern was published to Bead Patterns Boutique today. Its also in My Etsy store and will be on my website by tomorrow. The Cover itself-- you can find it here. Just a reminder that if you are not a member of the Forum at Bead Patterns Boutique..Now would be a great time to join. The Boutique turns 3 years old this month and there are kinds of cool surprises goin on over there!!


Dawn Doucette said...

Isn't it funny Lori that some stitches resonate and work up quickly and others seem to take FOR-EV-ERRRRR. I love the look of the cellini spiral... but in the time it takes to make a bracelet, I could have trained for an run a marathon - honestly. :o)

I love the lighter cover! It turned out beautifully! Have a fantastic weekend!

Beadwright said...

You are hooked aren't you? This is as pretty as the first one. Great job.