Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Glass and Stuff!!

 More Glass!! Pendants, sets and Barrettes..Next on the list.. Dishes....They have been Cut and I am in the process of Coldworking some of them so it will be a few more days for those. Most of these will be listed to Etsy a bit later today. 
We are in the midst of another Thunder Storm. We had a Whopper last night. A Thunder and Lightning storm that lasted 3 hours. You could hear it rolling in from the distance..It got here about 10PM and stayed until a little after 1 am..It was quite the light show.. and rain? Geez..It flat poured --the rain was coming off the house like it was being shot out of a fire hose. My pour little freshly planted Lavender looks Like It is drowning.... Ah well.. It will dry soon.

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Beadwright said...

Wow you are busy. I love those barrette looking pieces.