Sunday, June 3, 2012

A Day On the Mountain

Yep-- we took a day off. And up the Mountain we went. It was in the upper 60's today, a little cloudy but not enough to keep the sun shining the majority of the time.
The Lower Pond..Spring run off is about over and I'm thinking that
this is about as full as it will get this year.

Does a Bear Poo in the woods? Not here. Here they do it on the dirt road
Bwa ha ha ha....

RJ getting in a Little Target Practice when we stopped for
a Picnic lunch.

Almost to the Top. 

Do You see it? See that big Ol ear just below
center? She thought she was hiding...

Ms Moose! Still shedding off her winter coat.
She hung around for a few Pictures before ambling back into the woods.

On the way back we found this fella fishing the lake.
Just happened to be our son. Spending his day off doing what he likes best.
He's probably still there!

Hope you all had a great weekend. 


Beadwright said...

Ohhh I do miss those days in the woods. How funny to meet up the B fishing. Great moose shots too.

Lori said...

I know you miss it Nicole--You could always come backkk....You know you miss me!!!! :)