Friday, May 25, 2012

Patron Bottle Oil Candle (lamp)

 I Love using old Bottles and recycling up glass items. This Is a Patron Bottle.. For those of you not familiar with Patron- It is a luxury brand of Tequila that is produced In Mexico. Every Bottle is hand blown and individually numbered. The glass is awesome, full of bubbles, and quite heavy.  I have made a oil candle or lamp if you prefer out of this one. I've added a Turquoise stone and Bone Buffalo skull as an added decoration. A nice layer of River Pebbles mixed with more Turquoise chips inside for A bit of a rustic touch. All ready for someone to add the oil and light. These would make great outdoor lamps as well. Add Citronella or tiki oil to combat the "skeeters" around your table. This one is already spoken for but I just about have another identical one done and ready to add to my Etsy Store. So what are you doing with your Holiday weekend. Memorial day weekend is usually Rainy and cold here and it certainly looks to be holding true so far. Maybe the sun will peek out tomorrow for a trip up the mountain.......Got my fingers crossed.!


Beadwright said...

Love Patron. OMG no real taquilla drinker doesn't know what Patron is. Right? LOL
Yumm yumm good.

Craftymoose Crafts said...

That has a lot of character! Love it!
Hoping the rain holds off for some BBQs this weekend. It has rained/been overcast nearly all week, and everyday has a chance of late day showers. Have a good one!

Anonymous said...

Hello i work at bar &have lots of patron bottles..where do u get the wick thingy.

Lori said...

I buy mine on Ebay-- do a search for Clear glass oil lamp wick.. They come in different sizes so either make sure they fit or find a washer that the smaller ones will fit through.