Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Whats new In the Hood

So-- as Spring has Sprung, so to speak, and more and more of the Neighbors in the area are out and about I am noticing and others in the area are noticing some "changes in our area... #1..Crime in the area has gone up.. Surprise..? No-- not really. We do have a Neighborhood watch. All of a sudden we are the targets of thieves--again. Even the smallest of tools has to be in lockdown if you want it there when you get home.
#2..New Neighbors..So-- there was this tiny house over and down the road a Tad. Super small-- I think when it was for sale the real estate had it listed as 565 Sq Foot. That house has new Tenants. 4 adults and 2 small children under 5--and no-- I have no idea how they all sleep in there.. I must say that they have done some improvements to the place. A really nice fence around the place,  A New coat of paint, Planting of fruit trees, Removal of dead trees etc. But-- also came with it, Nightly Bonfires in a No Burn zone ( fire department has been called at least 4 times that we know of). Dogs that Bark every time a leaf moves , all night,, every night....and no one that will tell them to stop. Nightly Pot Parties around the "bonfire"....and Chickens....Which I think is great..Nothing like fresh eggs...But seriously The chicken Coop...well lets just say they have it strategically placed on the very edge of the property line under their neighbors windows.
So-- "said neighbors" went to their door to complain to them about the smell and the noise of the chickens--And found-- Hold onto your shorts---- Missing Tools and lawn chairs from the neighborhood. Huh--I thought maybe these "new neighbors" were gonna be different....Seems that house is cursed....Last people that lived there did the same thing.  What ever happened to the days when a Neighbor would knock on your door and ask to"borrow"......

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Craftymoose Crafts said...

We have some neighbors down the street who ever Friday night have huge parties, outside, with a big fire, loud music, noise--everything except the stealing--as far as I know. So, I sympathize with you!