Thursday, December 1, 2011

Winter Trees

 I love them! As much as I love Fall and all the vibrant colors of autumn leaves--I love Winter Trees even more. There is just something about waking up and looking out a window at a frosty crystal tree branch when I am warm and snug sipping my coffee in the morning.  Soon we will be looking for our Christmas tree. Which reminds me of a Christmas  a few years ago. We had tramped through waist deep snow to get the "perfect" tree. It was sitting out front by the truck while I was getting things moved in the house to make room- I looked up just in time to see one of the Neighborhood tomcats "spraying" the tree. (ya all know how bad that stinks right? ) So-- there it was and we decided that we would go find another "perfect" tree. And we did-- only to come home and find that someone had stolen the first tree. HHHMMMM do you think they finally realized why that tree was sitting out there? At first I hoped it really stunk for them-- then I thought-- Why?-- I had decided not to use it..and well, maybe it was someone who couldn't afford a tree or couldnt get out in the weather to find a tree, and maybe they were trying to make a Christmas special for their kids...Then I hoped it didn't stink or if it did it didn't last long....Either way-- I hope they got some enjoyment out of that Tom Tree. And Now-- I'm wondering why I am rambling about that stupid tree---LOL!  I'll Post a Picture or two of this years "perfect" tree when we get it up and decorated..maybe a picture or two of the snowy ones on the mountain as well! And Yes-- I am beading-- I almost have a Piece done and will post pics soon!


Beadwright said...

buurrrrr..... They are beautiful but I am glad I have rain winter now. LOL

Craftymoose Crafts said...

I love the trees covered with snow, too--I just hate it one the roads, LOL!