Monday, October 3, 2011

New Cuff Bracelet--Sante Fe

The last few days and weekend have been more then a little hectic. Winter is descending on our area so quickly its scary. I feel like we barely had a summer and here it is already...Cold Wet weather with snow on its heels. Dont get me wrong-- I love Fall weather--It can be fall all winter if it likes-- Ya listening to me Mother Nature?
So in between bouts of Remodeling a bedroom and getting the property winterized I manged to sneak in some beading.
The Sante Fe Cuff Bracelet pattern is available On Bead Patterns Boutique or in my Etsy Store. The Bracelet? I'll probably add that to Etsy Tomorrow as well.  So, if you follow me at all you know that I am not a Peyote stitch Person. Im not sure why but everytime I try it I spend more time tearing things apart then I do putting them together.( I think somewhere in my past some evil peyote beader put a curse on me.). But Looky--- I beaded a Rivoli--With PEYOTE...and I did it all by myself--with my hands tied behind my back--Okay-- maybe not that last little part but you get the idea...Now-- What shall I do with my Beaded Rivoli...?


FDEkszer / Viki said...

The bracelet is lovely Lori :) Love the colors you use. About the rivoli: make a ring - you love rings, don't you?

Craftymoose Crafts said...

Oh not winter yet! Please don't let it come too early for you...because it probably means it will come early for us. They are already predicting a "wet" winter for us.

The Sante Fe pattern is gorgeous & you did a wonderful job with the ravioli--kidding, I know it's Rivoli! It just every time I see that word I think of raviolis! Gotta get my mind out of the kitchen!