Friday, October 7, 2011

Holiday Beading--Already?

Yep-- I've started doing some of my Christmas beading. I always seem to wait to long to get it started and then.....Well lets just say a lot of it doesn't get done. This year Im hoping to get some of it out of the way, ahead of time. And wow--- is it ever hard for me to "think" Holidays this time of year. So the first cuff is done- and the pattern is available on Bead Patterns Boutique . Now--I'm hoping to get a few other Crystal items done and then I'll switch xmas mode off and hop back into Fall!


FDEkszer / Viki said...

You are so ahead of me, that is incredible. My mind is full with sunshine and summer bits didn't even think of Christmas yet... Your bracelet is fantastic, very festive!

Ilenia said...


Craftymoose Crafts said...

Just stunning! Yay for getting a head start on the holidays!