Friday, October 14, 2011

Fanciful Flight

Yea!! Got a new pattern done and beaded and ready to go..This is "Fanciful Flight". Wish I could get a better picture so you could see the bling in that center crystal butterfly..This rainy weather is not cooperating with me.  So the pattern was listed to "Bead Patterns Boutique" a little earlier today. The last week or so has been just busy busy! We finished up a remodeling job on a bedroom. It now has new window, carpet, knotty pine walls, fresh paint on ceiling etc. I hung new curtains  and blinds and redecorated the whole "scheme" to a wildlife  theme with wolves, buffalo and bear & elk..It looks pretty good, and yep-- thats me patting myself on the back! LOL. Im just so glad its done. I need to find one more dresser--then its officially done and I'll load a picture for ya to check it out! On another note-- The last day or so it has been brought to several bead designers attention that their patterns are being "copied" and sold by another etsy seller. It just IRKS me to no end that this "person" is blatantly stealing others designs and calling them her own. She has been contacted and she "claims" that she is Not a thief and they are her designs...Um Okay-- then why is she selling the FREE pattern that comes with the bead tool software as her own.....If you are a designer and want to check it out to see if maybe she is Pirating your patterns as well-- give me a shout out--I'll be happy to send you her info so you can take a peek. OH-- and by the way-- ETSY was contacted and they say that there is nothing they can do--SERIOUSLY? Its all still up in the air with emails flying back and forth-- Hopefully she will be shamed into a better code of conduct..


Amy said...

Lori, I love what you did with the crystals on this bracelet - I can see if very well, and it's a great little pop/surprise!

Craftymoose Crafts said...

That is really despicable. And a little sad that someone stoops that low.

The new bracelet is gorgeous with the bling! I can't wait to see that room--sounds custom-made for me--when can I move in?