Friday, July 8, 2011

Summer Nostalgia

For more than a month now I've been operating under the influence of the heaviest bout of nostalgia that's ever settled on my shoulders. It happens to me every summer, but this year it just seems like so much more then nostalgia. I have even had thoughts about moving...Away from the crime of the city I live in now, to the small town where no one ever locked a door.
Twisp Washington is only about 175 miles from Spokane. It has hardly changed from the way it was in the  1960s & 70's. I miss the farms and ranches on our road, each one different from the  next , all with windows and doors wide open in summer. I miss the slamming of the screen doors, the sound of the irrigation sprinklers in the fields, the bellow of the cattle and the nickers of the horses.  I miss the smell of fresh corn and ripe tomatoes in the garden, the alfalfa in the fields and of clean laundry hung on the clothesline to dry in the sun.  Walking to the river for a swim, mom taking us to the Hiway market for a sno-cone on blistering hot days. There are so many little things, little moments, I wish I could experience one more time.  I envy my childhood friends that have managed to stay in the Valley that I once called home. Maybe Its time for a visit, go back home. Except now-- No family to visit, someone else lives on the ranch and something tells me it just wont be the same staying in a motel.  Trust me--I am not moving there-- I also have memories of Snow--Lots and lots of deep deep snow and cold cold cold.....If only it were summer year round! The picture is Of Blackpine Lake. We used to snowmobile and Ice fish on this lake as kids.


Craftymoose Crafts said...

There are less and less of those pristine, safe, places to live, aren't there. Sometimes it is best to keep the memories in our minds and hearts instead of going back and being disappointed that things have changed.

Beadwright said...

So glad you came to your right mind. Yes lots of snow there. LOL