Saturday, June 11, 2011

Weekend Blues!

 So the weekend is here and I am bored.  Normally we would head out on the lake to fish or to the mountain for a Picnic. Not happening this weekend, or at least today anyway. The lake is flooding, and the dock is under water. And there are massive Logs floating just under the surface.  We are suppose to have thunderstorms and rain showers in the mountains so we won't be going there either. Not smart when you could get stuck behind a mudslide. Actually there are 30 people stuck behind a mudslide in the area right now and crews are working to get the Road cleared for them this morning.

So--  I was going to take a photo of a linen closet that needs to be cleaned.  I was thinking that by showing y’all what a mess it was, I’d be forced to clean it.  So, since you haven’t seen a photo, let’s just pretend I didn’t mention it.
I think I'll go dabble with beads or glass and just pretend its a weekday.  Yesterday I sorted 11/0 Matsuno Beads. I use to sell these in my Lil' shop. I have so many left over from those days and decided to do some destashing. So-- I figured I have 61 colors that I am going to part with.  Assorted colors and finishes and I've bagged some of them up in 1 oz (28 gram) bags. I'm still trying to decide weather I should sell them as a set-- Or color sets, Maybe finish type sets? I suppose I have enough to do all..(If I had the giddy up and go to do that.)  Listing things is not on of my list of favorite things to do-- can you tell? Hope you are all having a great weekend.  Some one soak up some sun for me.


Beadwright said...

Hey Lori the beads look so yummy on your blog. Glad I got mine already. If you want some nice beads take Lori up on her offer.

The sun is shinning in Florence. OMG!! I am off to sit on the deck.

Kristen said...

Oh girlfriend you so know I would snatch those up if I could! I am sooooo hooked on them because of you!
Hugs and Love!