Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Swarovski Crystal Tennis Bracelet

I love doing quick and easy projects. Today while I am waiting for a certain package to arrive for some of my glass work I decided to make a few Tennis bracelets. These Swarovski Crystal bracelets work up fast and are a breeze to make. Single right angle weave embellished with delicas and a toggle clasp. If you use 4mm crystals you need about 100 of them for a 7" bracelet. About 1 gram of delicas and a toggle and some Nymo and you have everything you need. Wah lah! A Fine gift for graduation, prom or mothers day.

Tomorrow Is Cinco D' Mayo and also my Birthday..I'll be 49. I still haven't decided how I feel about that yet-- You know-- staring 50 in the face. I guess its really not that bad-- I'd hate to be in my 20's and struggling again. The 30's were not so bad- Nor were the 40's, ! Maybe the 50"s will be even better? Have a Margarita for me! I'm sure I'll have one or two also!


Amy said...

49 is the new 29! :) Happy early birthday - must be fun to have a birthday on a day like May 5! Pretty bracelet too!

Beadwright said...

Happy birthday Lori!!! You know I will have a margarita for you. Wish I was there so we could have one together.
Havea great day.

Craftymoose Crafts said...

As one who is on the other side of 50, it definitely is better. Happy Birthday, Lori! Hope you have a wonderful day!