Sunday, May 15, 2011

Saturday Mountain Adventure

I think I've told you before about our get away from it all days--we ( my sweetie and I) play hookie and head to a lake or mountain or something--just to get us the "hell outta dodge" so to speak. Its good for the soul, cures cabin fever and basically keeps us from wanting to kill each other! So yesterday we traveled towards Idaho. There is a Mountain above Wolf Lodge Bay On Lake Couer d' alene.  Wolf Lodge bay is famous for not only the beauty of the area but a Migration of Bald Eagles. From November through February you can sit at the waters edge and see upwards of 100 eagles at any given time. They feed on the spawning Kokanee salmon in the lake.  Some of the eagles are there year round. At the base of the mountain is also--what else?-- Wolf Lodge..Which is a Steakhouse with the most unique decor inside. If you ever plan to go-- make a reservation--It is a Favorite spot of many. On to our Adventure..As we head up the mountain one of the first things we come across is this...
Does this put us off--Of course not--I have a Jeep
So we drive on and come to this
 HHHMMMM Over half the road has slid down the mountain from the flooding, excessive snow and rain we've had. Does this put us off?-- No-- After all the jeep will go anywhere. Right? We sneak by with plenty of least an inch beyond the tires on both sides. We continue on up the road.
 We drove for Miles, stopping here and there to pick up interesting, rocks & Morel Mushrooms,
But then --Look who slid out for a visit..
So we had a Fabulous day on the mountain--Until we hit the snow Line--I demanded that the jeep be turned around and taken to where I did not have to see that and we returned to the Nice green Valley. See the flooding in the middle of the fields-- thats the river moving closer and closer..We are under Flood watch and today it is raining..Hopefully the water will not move to far up.
And Last but not least--Look at this gorgeous crab Apple Tree- So full of Blooms.
We had a great day--and hopefully getting out and about will keep the Crabbies away!


Lisa Criswell / Indigo's Beads said...

such pretty pictures, lori. it does look like you had a fun and adventurous day.

Beadwright said...

My old stoppn' grounds too Lori. There really isn't any better place in the spring and summer than North Idaho.
Glad you had a good time.

Craftymoose Crafts said...

Nothing like a day outside to feed the soul and chase away the crabbies! I'm refreshed just looking at your post--thanks!