Sunday, May 22, 2011

Saturday Adventure- Red Marble

For This Saturday's Mountain Adventure we went Above Chewelah Washington. One of our favorite Spots. At the top is an old abadoned Marble Quarry. Red Marble--which really is not red so much as a gorgeous Pink.   Anyway- Pictures from yesterday...
                                                                        The road up!! If you come across another person doing what you are doing you have to back up or they back up to the closest wide spot so you can squeeze by each other. The mountain was a popular spot yesterday.
                                                     Yucky Black Slug along the road.
                                                      Did you know trees have ears?
                         Little Mountain Lake--Usually its a pond but the snow run off has it pretty full!
                                                        A creek-- usually its a babbling brook..
           And A Morel Mushroom-- Not much to look at but man are they Tasty..Got about 2 lbs total.
                                                                Water fall over a log..
Once we were close to the top this wild Thunder and lightning storm rolled over us-- It was quite loud and Mother nature really put on a show. It rolled back out after about 30 minutes and we had bright sunny skies again. All in all another great day. I did talk my hero into hefting a Big ol chunk of red marble into the jeep- It was kind of the shape of a crude Horse head..Once Its in my flower bed or on my deck I'll post a picture of it.


Beadwright said...

Great day in the Inlnad Northwest. You make me home sick Lori.
I miss those morels too. Nothing like them.

Craftymoose Crafts said...

Ok, I'm not really a girly girl--I was much the tomboy growing up after all...but tell me that slug is not as big as it looks in the photo,LOL!

Seriously, I am refreshed just looking at your adventure photos!