Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Poly Leafs and a CSI moment

Last week I had one of my customers contact me for some of the Poly leaves. Apparently she is getting ready for a Fall piece she has in mind and needs to start it NOW...So these are her leaves...well not hers exactly, because I made an extra set..I'm sure Ann's are already in her hands being manipulated into a fabulous piece of jewelry. Anyway- As I was taking pictures of these I noticed that I had left one of my fingerprints in one of these leaves. I am usually very careful to smooth any of my marks out of anything I make, but somehow I missed that fingerprint. It kind of got me to thinking...First, I am a HUGE CSI freak...I love those shows, And the NCIS shows and the Criminal Minds Shows..well, you get the idea. I wondered about my fingerprint on something Miles away..At a crime scene..Of course my fingerprint is Baked in but still..someone may have my fingerprint-- can copy it and leave it at a crime scene to throw off an investigation..right? Lol-- okay maybe not, just sayin..kind of makes you think with all the stuff we artists send all over from our sales...we  send out DNA, Fingerprints and skin epithelial's  out in every package we mail....Scary Huh?
I have a TV in my studio and during the day when there is nothing on to watch I tune in to old crime shows like, Matlock, Murder She Wrote, etc.. I find myself talking to the TV...Yelling at Poor Andy Griffith, "you are contaminating the crime scene you idiot, You are getting your fingerprints and old people hair on everything. what is wrong with you. Stop touching stuff with your hands--Where are your latex gloves??????

 Also have you noticed how on those old shows the Police just casually stroll into any room where a crime has just taken place. They hardly ever pull out there gun and clear the room before they just trounce on in and start contaminating everything-- Clearly I have been Spoiled By Gibbs, Mac Taylor, Horatio Caine, LL Cool J and Arron Hotchner.


Kristen said...

I will make sure any prints or skin whatsits that you have sent me are kept under lock and key! Yes we are spoiled to see such gorgeous leaves you have created!


Amy said...

LOL! those leaves are beautiful! and your CSI moment is cracking me up!!!

flyingbeader said...

first those leaves are gorgeous...second I had to laugh as I think of the blood I leave on some of my dolls. I'm sure with DNA profiling I will be found. I myself watch Turner Classic Movies when I'm working...and oh yes. I do sing to those musicals. Dogs go nuts!

Craftymoose Crafts said...

Fun post, Lori! We are fans of many of the same shows, LOL! It does make you stop and think, except I don't think too many serial killers but art from us....do you? The leaves are gorgeous, such pretty colors!

Roberta said...

Cracking up. Never thought about it that way!