Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Native American Color Arrow Cuff

Oh No--Not another cuff. One last one before I put the beads away and work on new glass stuff. I finished up this Native American Color Arrow Cuff. It is actually an old patternI designed several years ago that I remade into  a Cuff pattern. I originally designed this pattern for beaded strips on a native dress. The Pattern is available On Bead Patterns Boutique.
Now I have a question for you all. Did any of you watch the segment on TV the other day about Coffee? Kopi Luwak? Which I believe translates to "cat shit" or "poop coffee" (okay, civet shit, but close enough). Apparently these civets eat the coffee beans, crap them out whole, and then people gather up the crap, wash off the beans and sell 'em.  They are made into a very Expensive Coffee...$300.00 per pound expensive. The taste is described as "  earthy, musty & exotic"..(Ya know the kind of flavors that make you toss it down the drain and Go "bleck,that was nasty"! ) Crap Coffee for $300.00 per pound!  Now Folgers is almost up to $12.00 for a 3lb container..and at least I know that it didn't come from a Civet's Ass...Or did it? I have had some pretty nasty tasting coffee before....Ugh.


Craftymoose Crafts said...

And this would be why I only drink tea!

Lori said...

What I really want to know is-- what possessed someone to decide to paw through Civet Crap and go--Oh--Coffee beans--this should be good!! Seriously? You might have a good idea with the tea...What do you think Nicole? Tea?