Saturday, March 26, 2011

Anna's Garden Cuff Bracelet

Another cuff is finished. Despite this COLD spring weather I am still thinking summer. This Cuff is Anna's Garden Bracelet. I published the Pattern to Bead Patterns Boutique this morning. Its also in my Etsy Store if you are an Etsy Shopper! The toggle I added to this, is one Of the Jolee collections of Swarovski Crystals and Elements. I  Buy those at our local Joanne's (Fabric store).. Has anybody else noticed all of the goodies and jewelry componets they've added? They always seem to have a sale of some sort going on.
I got an email today--Jenny said that she really liked my blog because it is written in a conversational style. Its not like you have to be oh so thoughtful and come up with pretty phrases and such..
Dear Jenny,
No one has ever accused me of being Thoughtful  or of saying Flowery phrases.  LOL! Thank you for the nice compliment. I hope you will continue to stop by!!


Craftymoose Crafts said...

I'll have to check out my Joann's next time I am nearby...or maybe I had better not, LOL! I just have hoarded so much by "buying" out craft stores that have gone out of business and "inheriting" supplies that I cannot buy more until some of this supply is depleted.

Lori said...

Deb, You silly woman. You only have too many supplies when the weight of them causes the floor boards to break and they end up in the basement. And then Look-- wah lah--more room! LOL!

Beadwright said...

Yes I have shopped at Joan's for many years both for fabric and other art supplies. Love the new cuff. Hmmmm I have heard some pretty flowery things come out of your mouth.... hee hee hee

Lori said...

LOL-- Those were not Flowery--Um those were "colorful"..LOL!