Thursday, March 24, 2011

25% off Weekend sale and BUGS

Its Here--Spring has Sprung and with it have come the BUGS....I have an irrational fear of some bugs. Snakes--No problem-- Bugs--Big problem. When we are out on the lake fishing here, we have these Giant industrial size things that look like Mosquito's. We call them "Skeeter Eaters". Wether or not they actually eat Mosquitos is debatable. I have never seen a tiny Mosquito clenched in the jaws of a Skeeter Eater. Anyway--these big Skeeter eaters dive bomb me. I hate them and apparently they hate me. We also have numerous wasps, and some Grand daddy size beetles that are as big as your foot..Okay--that's a lie--They are more like the size of a giants thumb...and they have these Pincher looking things that resemble the Jaws of life. *Gag*.. Don't even get me started on my Arch Enemy the Spider..OMG and gag, gag , GAG!. How can something so small turn me inside out?  My boys, Bless their pea picking hearts, used to think it was funny to make mom scream by showing her spiders.*Shudder*.  There is now a spider web in the corner of the deck I am sure houses a Spider big enough to ensnare a Dog and when it happens, you will find me in the opposite corner of the property sobbing like a baby! And so, as I welcome spring with open Arms I am dreading BUG season.  On that Note let me tell you about my Spring sale. This weekend from 9:00am pst Friday through 9:00am pst Monday there will be a Coupon code you can use in either of My Etsy Stores....Outoftheflames and Polymerpretties . The coupon code is ... BLOG25....Use it at checkout for a discount of 25% off....I will activate the coupon code Friday Morning! Have a Great Bug Free Weekend Everyone.


Craftymoose Crafts said...

Too funny! I can not even watch shows about snakes, LOL. I'm not real good with bugs, either. When I must smash a spider, ant or other bug that has gotten into the house, my husband says I use enough force to go right through the wall or floor. I'm not having that thing get up and come at me for revenge!

Good luck with your sale!

Lori said...

Well I'm thinking we should be able to Shoot them..From a distance..I wonder about fire throwers..that should work...:)