Saturday, February 12, 2011

The Beauty Of Australia

 I so want to go there. It is one of those things that is on my "Bucket List". I am fascinated with the colors, the people, the artwork, and landscape of this majestic country. The colors of the ocean seem so vivid. The first picture is The Twelve Apostles, which if I am not mistaken is in Victoria. The 2nd photo is The Great Barrier Reef. Can you imagine a reef so spectacular that it can be seen from a satellite image.?
The last picture is of a Card that My friend Julie sent me from this wonderful Country she calls home. Native Aborignal Art is so colorful and unique. Thank you so much for the "care" package Julie. You bring a smile to my face and great joy to my heart..And I WILL visit this great land someday. 


Anonymous said...

I look forward to being in the welcoming party Lori. I know you will enjoy yourself as you tick offthe placesyou'll visit as you make your way around this magical land. I look forward to supporting you when you visit my area in the state of Victoria.


Kristen said...

Oh what a great care package! I do enjoy the beauty of the landscape.

Craftymoose Crafts said...

The insane flying time from NY is the only thing that has kept us from visiting! My old boss us Australian & used to go back a month at a time once or twice a year. If I had that kind of time, perhaps.