Tuesday, February 8, 2011

5 things

My friend Debbie at Craftymoose Crafts extended an invitation-- list 5 things you can't leave the house without;

1. Cell phone-- how did we ever survive without them?

2. Hair Scrunchie--might have to have the window down on jeep and my hair flies in my face.

3. Bottle of Fuji water..Has to be Fuji..If I am out I will stop at the closest store to my house and get some.

4. Hand Sanatizer...always in the jeep. never know what germy thing I might touch ;)

5. Money--I might run into a Bead or too that I haven't met yet!

This picture was taken by My Youngest Brother Doug! He is an awesome Photographer.


Kristen said...

That is a great group of things to have! That picture is awesome too!

Craftymoose Crafts said...

Ah--we keep the hand sanitizer right in the glove box!

Your brother is an awesome photographer--those are real ducks, right?...Kidding!

Amy said...

your brother IS an amazing photographer!!