Friday, December 31, 2010

Its finally Done and Bead kits

 I told you last week that I was organizing My bead room. Well its done. All the beads are now organized by color and type into rolling stack storage bins.No more having to stack and unstack bins when I'm looking for a certain bead.  I can just pull out a drawer and there the little beauties are, gleaming and sparkling at me. I am pretty sure I was a fish in a past life as I am attracted to shiny sparkling objects. LOL!
So n the process I decided I would do a bit of "de-stashing". I put together a few beading kits. These are size 11/0 Matsuno beads. Complete with Nymo and some bugles. I Listed them in my Etsy store this morning.
I wish for each of you whatever it is you personally need in the upcoming year to put your life into a balanced, peaceful state, and I hope that each time you take stock of your own life, you find yourself more richly blessed than you were the last time you counted.

Happy New Year to all of you who bring me so much joy.


Beadwright said...

Nice kits Lori I am off to check them out.

Kristen said...

Oh Lori those kits are amazing! The rainbow of colors and in a plastic case too! What an awesome grouping! I might have been a fish too....sparkly oh yeah! Happy New Year to you too!
Love ya LOTS!

Craftymoose Crafts said...

Can you come organize my beads, now?
Really, Lori, now you are going to make me do mine.

The bead kits are awesome!

Happy New Year to your and yours!

Lori said...

Debbie it took me a week to get it done.. It was so worth it though. I found lots of beads that I had forgotten about. I find that I am more willing to start something new knowing that I just have to pop open a few drawers to get what I need..

Craftymoose Crafts said...

Ok, I started today! I think you are right about being willing/able to start new projects. Sometimes, by the time I collect all my supplies for a project, I don't feel like working on it anymore!