Sunday, December 26, 2010

Ghost Town Days Gone By

Every holiday I always seem to really miss the "good ol days".  I dig out old photos, and just seem to get thrown back into yesteryear and past Memories.  I am missing my grandparents something fierce this year. Our holidays always seemed to resonate around them. This Old Log home is where they lived when I was small. They built a "new" home on the same piece of property when I was around 8 years old. This old log home, The Barn and Bunk house were a Playground of sorts for My brothers, my cousin's and I.  The building's were part of Okanogan's County Seat , Ruby Washington which has been a Ghost town now for many years.  The Log Home was actually the stagecoach stop. When I was looking at some old photos a few days ago I came across something that Just jumped out at me. My grandparents had a HUGE garden. In almost all of the summer garden pictures there is an Old Enamel Pan--Do you remember those? They were some kind of metal and they had an enamel white coating with a red or blue trim?. Last night for some reason I started thinking about my grandmother's pan and wondering whatever happened to it. It was already old when I was a little girl, its white-colored porcelain chipped in many places, It was a large one with a Red trim. It was used to hold Vegetables as they were picked from the garden. I WANT that pan. I wonder where it is.
So I am On a Quest. I know I will Never have the original Pan..It was large- about 15" across but I am searching for one like it..One I can hang in my kitchen --Just because! If you happen to see one Please let me know!


Amy Allworth said...

Wow Lori!! What a nostalgic post! It sounds like you had an amazing playground. I'm sure you will find that enamel pan!!!

Kristen said...

Oh yes I know what you mean. I miss my Gram's old house and the fun we had there. It is funny how when we are young it is just fun when we get older the memories become treasures. Oh my Gram had one of those pans too but I have no idea where it is either.

Happy New Year.

Cindy said...

I was lucky enough to grow up with my grandmother, great-grandmother and aunt as well as mom & dad & sister, all in the same big old Victorian. Talk about good ol' days! We had those big enamel bowls for shelling peas, amongst other things. I'm a big fan of old enamel items.