Sunday, December 5, 2010

Cream Soda

 Yesterday I spent the day finishing the strap for this necklace. When I had the cab laying here before I started,  I  had many thoughts going through my head. I remembered some beads that I had a few years back when I was selling beads. I decided to dig through my bins of beads.(not an easy task) and of course in the very last bin near the bottom were the Cream Soda colored beads I remembered. They were a perfect match to the "gold-ish" tones in the cab. I really need to Do some de-stashing and put some of the beads up for sale. Most are Matsuno's. I have always been a bead hoarder..I just know if I let them go I will need them some day--Just like those cream soda beads.


Craftymoose Crafts said...

It came out beautiful, Lori. I really like the flower connector!

Isn't that always the way? Just when I finish up a bead color...that is usually what someone orders next, LOL!

Beadwright said...

Lori this is so pretty. I love the strap. Just think now you have time to do this everyday. LOL

Kristen said...

Oh so so pretty and I guess you do have a stash of beads! I would hoard too!