Thursday, December 30, 2010

BlueBerry Cream Cuff Bracelet

My day flew by. I looked up and it was almost dark. I swear I just sat down to bead for a few hours. So this is todays project. Got it all done and the pattern published to Bead Patterns Boutique & also to The Bead Coop and My Etsy store. I meant to take a few hours and put some Beads together in some kits. Kind of a "Build Your Stash Up" thing. Got the trays & Tubes etc all ready just need to fill them up. Sounds like a good project for tomorrow! 


Shelby Demona said...

That bracelet is beautiful! I love the name too. Though, now I want blueberries. xD So pretty!


Amy Allworth said...

It is such a pretty bracelet! Great colors. You are a fast beader! It would take me days to finish a piece like that!

Beadwright said...

I love those days when you are so focused that all time and space disappears. The cuff is beautiful.
Happy new year Lori

Kristen said...

Yep I love the name and colors of this one too!