Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Beaded Snowflakes

So-- As if I don't see enough snow, I am now beading it too. Turns out these Little beaded snowflakes are a favorite of card makers and scrapbookers!  They measure about 1 1/4" from tip to tip using 11/0 beads. Cute little things are they not? The link to the pattern can be found HERE. They take about 10 minutes to make. I added some of mine to Xmas packages as a little extra.
Do you all have your Christmas shopping done? I am finally done and ready for the holiday fanfare to begin. Orders have all been shipped that needed to be. My families presents have all been wrapped & cookies and goodies have been baked. Yesterday we went and got our Prime Rib. It looks so good that I am having a hard time not cooking it before I'm supposed to. I guess I should have got two of them. :) Last night some carolers walked door to door through our area and I must say they sounded wonderful and they were all just beaming with Christmas spirit. It was fun to listen to them! Hope Your Holiday week is Magical!


Kristen said...

Oh Prime Rib!!!! I love making it too I sometimes crust it with horseradish...yummy! Those are pretty little flakes you made and I will check out the link!

Happy Holidays!

Beadwright said...

Ham with mom but it is not a celebration of xmas. You know I don't do that. LOL I just don't want her to be alone this year.
You, however have the best time with your family.

Craftymoose Crafts said...

Cute little snowflakes--so many color possibilities! Sounds like you are all ready for Christmas at your house, too....All the best for a Merry Christmas!

Once We Were Faeries ~Judy said...

Beautiful Snowflakes Lori. I can imagine them on a Christmas tree.
I most certainly would trade some of my fallen leaves for some of your snow dear lady if it were possible.
Merry Christmas to you and yours!