Tuesday, November 30, 2010

My Last Day!

 Here are a few more of the faux dichroic I made over the last few days. Lemon grass, Desert Sunset & Sea Opals. Now I need to move on to another project. I listed all of these on Etsy today. 
Yesterday was my last day at work. It was kind of a day filled with melancholy but at the same time its something I have been looking forward to.  My coworkers brought me the most Awesome Cake, Some Flowers and the neatest card for my last day of work. I am so going to miss those ladies. It has been a pleasure working with them all!  We have shared births of Grand Babies and grieved together over family losses. We cheered each other on and we supported each other through troubles. Lynda, Yvette, Devon, Colleen, Carol, Naomi & Peggy-- We were not just coworkers but friends. I will miss seeing them on a daily basis. I know we'll still get together for the occasional lunch  but it just won't be quite the same.


Craftymoose Crafts said...

Oh, your post sure tugged at my heartstrings and brought back memories of when I stopped working--although for a different reason--I got married.

I love the new polymer pieces & your Etsy shop is looking really nice!

Lori said...

Thanks so much Debbie!

Kristen said...

Yep when I got laid off years ago it was sad to leave the friends who had seen me married, pregnant and losing my Mom. But your new path is full of treasures too so it's bittersweet!
Cabs are stunning as always!

Beadwright said...

Yeahhhh Hurrraaayyyyy!!!! I am so glad you are done with that job!!! And a job it was. No more trucks to unload!! Now you can concentrate on better things.
Hugs Lori