Friday, November 19, 2010

Busy Busy Busy!

 First I want to share this link with you. Beaded turkey earrings that are on Rings-N- Things website. Cute aren't they? Follow the link! I love Rings-N-Things.

Wow-   I have been so busy. It seem like everyone and everything is or are rushed.  You can tell the holidays are upon us. So I started my day by getting Kristen's Prize mailed off to her. Should be there Monday or Tuesday Kristen! Next, my youngest son stopped by and I took him to buy him an early Christmas gift. He needed new back tires as there was no way he was going anywhere this winter without them, So-- we went and got the tires and had them put on his truck. Merry Xmas early son!  He was so happy when he left! I Love it! Next I went Thanksgiving day feast shopping. Got my Turkey and all the trimmings so I can avoid the rush of people next week. I came home put that all away and headed out to the fabric and bead stores...I needed to replenish some beads and of course browse for new beauties! And Now I have new fabrics for my bags, more beads ( just because) and I can devote my next week to filling orders and new patterns....Ah--- Life is good!


Kristen said...

What a day! We are so excited about Shelby's bracelet! you may even hear the squeal from here!


Craftymoose Crafts said...

Good for you! You sound so organized getting your turkey early,etc!

Lori said...

Organized chaos! I will do just about anything to avoid the crowded stores! I shopped for everything I could Possible get now--Next week I will make an EARLY morning run for the items that need to be purchased Fresh!

Dave Robertson said...

Hi Lori,

Now that's an oldie but a goodie...I remember this turkey earring from back when I started working at Rings & Things :) Thanks for the shout out, and happy Thanksgiving from a grateful Rings & Things!

--Dave at Rings & Things
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