Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Summers End & LadyBugs

Summer has come to an end.  Soon the leaves will begin to turn. Actually. here the maples are already starting to fade into the rich golden and red hues of autumn. The days are getting shorter and the evenings are brisk. We have four distinct seasons in Washington where I live, and now is the time of year when the grass is starting to fade from the brilliant green of late summer to the dull green of early fall. The grasshoppers are big and slow, the bees are slow & flying low and  the critters will soon be putting on their winter coats. There's a freedom about summer when the days are long and lazy and you can get in an hour or two of fishing or playing in the late afternoon, and if you're outside in the evening, you can catch the night sounds of the owls, doves and frogs & crickets. One of my favorite sounds in the whole world is the sound of rain on a tin roof and I welcome the fall season if for only that reason.  It brings the rain. Summer doesn't die easy in this part of the country, and the hot days last well into the last part of September, and apparently, the first part of October this year. Soon autumn will spread its patchwork quilt of color over the  trees and the summer birds will fly south. And then one morning you wake up and the frost is on the pumpkin and you need to put on a jacket when you go outside. I love all the seasons of the year and I look forward to the fall and winter, but I still get a little nostalgic , knowing that the special kind of fun summer brings is over ...Goodbye Summer, Hello Fall!
I made these Lady bugs up a few days ago. They are polymer and resin.  I am still trying to decide what to do with them.  I Had nothing in mind when I made them. They were actually an experiment.The others are Cabochons of the same variety posted a few days ago. I'm loving the rose gold pink ones! Those I will list here shortly. Any ideas on the the lady bugs?


Craftymoose Crafts said...

I love the rose colored cabs, but the blue are still my favorite!

The ladybugs are awesome! Too high to bead around?

Lori said...

Debbie, thanks-- the lady bugs are thinner then the blue cabs that are on the way too you.