Sunday, October 3, 2010

Some Peoples Children

Just a quick post while a get a few cups of coffee and get my tired ol body moving. A picture of fall here!  I will post some pictures of some pendants and buttons as soon as I get the pictures ready... Last night just as I was shutting the TV down for the night....11:10! I had just crawled in bed and my cell phone text beeped at me. That NEVER happens late at night so I automatically assume there is a problem.  Oldest Son Steve is stranded. He is 30 miles from home and is out of gas. Not quite out but he is afraid to go any further because he knows he will soon be out. He has pulled into a gas station and the attendant is no longer there to accept Cash. He had left his Debit Card at home. Pocket full of cash but NO card on him. He had called everyone he knew and they were either out having fun or asleep....He knows we go to bed fairly early but he also knows lately I've been having bouts of  insomnia.  Now mind you, where he was is not a high traffic area...He's at a gas station with money to buy gas but No way to pay...Does that make sense? He can't go any further because the next gas is at least 25 miles and he knows he won't make it that far.
So My sweetie and I get dressed and we head North to where he is.  The stars were as bright as they could be and there was no one else on the road. I must say my sweetie was a very good sport about it all and he even made Steve feel "okay" about calling us.
We pulled up to the Gas station he was at. A dimly lit parking lot with not a soul around. He was sitting there in his car with such a look of gratitude on his face. He was covered in grease and oil as he had been working on a Truck all day. Sweetie pulls out his Debit Card and The Boy is back on the road.
12:45 we are back home and in bed and we can both sleep knowing that all is okay with the "Adult Children"...And the moral to this story...Ya know those commercials about Credit/Debit Cards? Don't leave home without it? So So True!!!!

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Kristen said...

What awesome people you are! I hope my kids will feel they can call if they need us no matter what! Love the pic!