Friday, October 15, 2010

Bangles, Bracelets & Bling

 This last weekend I stopped by a yard sale. This yard sale had a huge table of crafting & jewelry supplies. Of course the prices she had on them were more then what I could buy them regular retail, but its always fun to see a table set up in the sun and see all the sparkle and bling. I did manage to talk her down to a more reasonable price on some glass beads and a few clasps. There were two women at the table arguing about the difference between a bracelet and a bangle. They looked at me and all I said was "Bling is Bling". Ha! They were not draggin me into that one! Anyway! I stopped by one of the local bead stores on my way home and it was so dark in there I had to strain to see the tags on most of the product. Got me to thinking...Shouldn't bead stores just be as bright as can be? I realize location of some of the stores doesn't allow for a lot of Daylight.. But if it was my store...I'd have some Extra lights around....Just sayin!


Kristen said...

Yes they should be bright! And you are right 'Bling is Bling' and your bling is beautiful!


Beadwright said...

Hey Lori these are fantastic!!! There is a difference between a bracelet and a bangle but an argument over it???? You are right bling is bling.
Talk to you soon

Lori said...

LOL! Thanks Nicole- Yep The way I see it a Bangle is a Solid piece without a clasp..Bracelet-- flexible with a clasp..Now thats just My theory..Bling is Bling! Couldn't believe they were arguing about it!