Sunday, October 24, 2010

Amber And Fall Colors

 I love amber stones. Half the fun is looking for inclusions in the stones. Of course over the years most of the stones I have purchased have little or no bugs or bits. As I looked at the sap dripping from this pine tree I searched for bugs and saw a few that were buried in the sticky pitch. Of course technically Amber is from RESIN of a tree-- not pitch or sap. Still, I love the look of this pitch and couldn't resist snapping some photos of it.  Here is a picture of some fall color at our local Finch Arboretum Park.
I imagine that by now the leaves are gone as it has poured rain for the last few days and today we are expecting 45 MPH winds with the rain. Yesterday I worked on Glass Cabochons. I have 30 to do some final work and grinding on-- another trip through the kiln and they will be ready to go to new homes.
Yesterday while I was waiting for the goodies in the kiln I made a bunch of the polymer clay Faux Dichroic in some new colors. I'll finish those today also. I love a rainy day...I seem to get so much more done! And for you that have bought the tutorial... Yesterday's recipe--Rasberry sparkle with Gold-- Perfection!

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