Saturday, September 4, 2010

Spiral Rope Bracelets

Today I am having major Sciatic Nerve pain. I decided that I would just sit and get some beading done today. I haven't made any of these for awhile . Today I made a Fluorite On Black.. (basically purple and green on black) with some fluorite beads as an embellishment.The Blue is a rainbow finished bead on white.The red is a Ceylon White with Silver lined Red. I also added Some Swarovski crystals, a length of Chain and a sterling silver and swarovski crystal Heart locket as a charm.Now I need to go in and pick some more color combos..I'm on a Spiral Rope Roll... Actually I need to practice some Flatwork..Never been that good at it so maybe its a good afternoon to do that. Then again.. I could make some matching earrings for these Bracelets...What to do?


Kristen said...

Very nice spirals! I sometimes wish I had that time not happening though with a 5 year old around! Cant wait to see what else you create!

Lori said...

Thanks Kristen-- I know what you mean-- When my 2 year old grandson is here I get NOTHING done! I wonder how I got anything accomplished at all when my boys were young.