Sunday, September 5, 2010


This morning I made a trip to Joanne's fabric store. Not for fabric but for Some beads and embellishments etc. They remodeled recently and since have had a pretty big selection of nice bali silver, Swarovski's and other components.  I knew exactly what I wanted and they were having a Labor Day sale. I picked several different items and then several more, and then-- you got it ----several more.  Hard for me to pass up those sales! Anyway- was watching  a young lady that was also standing in the Crystals area. She  was whispering to herself and I couldn't really understand what she was saying.. Then she bursts out with "why can't you just leave me alone"...No-- she wasn't wearing a Bluetooth.  That was my first thought and I checked....NO BLUETOOTH.  Pretty sure the bead gods were trying to talk her into something.  Another lady at the opposite end of the aisle looked at me and shrugged her shoulders....When I got up to the the checkouts the girl was paying for her crystals... and she was still whispering......HHHMMMMMM...I wonder what she was making? 
Anyway-- After a day of work here's my latest accomplishment...These 2 Spiral Rope Bracelets.
I'm going to make a matching choker and ear rings for the gold one. I love the butterfly shaped Swarovski's on this one.


Beadwright said...

Ohhhh Lori that could be me. LOLOLOLOL I talk to myself all the time especially when I buy beads. However, I don't tell the bead gods to leave me alone. Geee I should check out Joanns. It's just so darn far away from where I live.
The bracelets are wonderful.

Lori said...

Me too-- But I never Yell at myself--LOL! I try to talk myself out of buying all the time. Never works thou!

Kristen said...

I wasn't at your Joann's really I wasn't! I do that when I buy beads but I would never tell them to be quiet they need to speak to me!

Your bracelets are so pretty!