Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Gamboo

Sunday night I had a foreboding tickle in the back of my throat. Do you know that feeling? For me, it’s a sense of impending doom. I went to sleep that night hoping that sleep would cure whatever I was getting.  No such luck. I think I have the dreaded gamboo..this is what members of my family call anything that has you a little under the weather..I am running low on energy, ambition & am feeling downright lazy.  Yesterday despite feeling like I should just stay in bed I cleaned house...Did laundry, scrubbed floors , did the weekly deep cleaning on the kitchen and bathroom etc...Then I went to work.....  a 10 hour shift.
 I’ve been speeding through Kleenex and cough drops and once again, completely exhausted. So the only thing I've had the energy to create is a few patterns. This one is made from one of my pieces of fractal art. I call it Color Wheel. Available in loom right now on The bead Coop....I'll work on converting it to Peyote in a few days......When I'm Not so Gambooish!  I always seem to catch a cold as the seasons change. Hot tea & honey is in order I think! And when I feel better..a flu shot!


Kristen said...

Oh I so hope you feel better soon! Your color wheel is so funky! Love it!

Once We Were Faeries ~Judy said...

Hope you are feeling better Lori.