Sunday, September 19, 2010

Fresh out of the kiln.

Yesterday was a finish up projects kind of day. The kiln was loaded. Today's pictures are just a few samples of the oodles that came out yesterday. Today the kiln is loaded again with glass that is having a final firing to add decals and glass paints.  The bat is black but has  green aventurine in it and has lots of built in sparkle--hard to capture with the camera thou. The red folk art heart is probably going to have a white rose added to it. The assorted glass are samples of the colors firng now. And last but not least-- the Polymer clay Victorian set that I made last week are done. Oh-- and for those of you that asked..Yes-- the stamens are fresh water pearls.


Beadwright said...

OHHHHHH and AHHHHHH beauties each one.
Talk to you soon.

Kristen said...

Drooling!!!! Those are awesome! Thanks so much for the eye candy!