Sunday, August 15, 2010

Thievery In The Hood

I am sick of it. I know times are tough but STOP IT!  Over the last few years my Tracker has been broken into numerous times. It's at the point that I don't even bother locking it up anymore. I lock my glove box with a few odds and ends in it. NOTHING important in there. That's one thing about owning a soft top vehicle. They will just slice the vinyl top to get in. Better to leave it unlocked with nothing of value in it then to have to keep replacing the vinyl top. First break in-- they stole the CD player of course. Plus all the Cd's. Fine. Decided not to put a replacement player in and I cut a pretty piece of glass to fill the gaping hole in my dash.  Next Break in-- the tool kit from under the seat..Cheap Tool set I might add...$9.99 at any Walmart. Next Break in ---52 cents that I happened to get as a change at a drive through and a Polymer Moose I had hanging from my rear view mirror. Seriously? My Moose? I made another moose and this baby is Gorilla glued to my dash..
Last Night-- I made the huge mistake of leaving a Tube of Delicas on the console....I ran out there this morning..WHEW.. My precious delicas were still there. 
Funny thing-- Everyone  that lives on this road knows who the culprits are. A bunch of , How shall I put it--"unsavory teens with no parental supervision".  So of course the neighborhood banded together and "visited" the Parents. And we got that typical "not my Boys" reaction. As we stand there on the porch I see MY sprinkler that went missing.  Some tools that Went missing and a neighbors Lawn Chair that went Missing. HHHHMMMMM Maybe she's right. Maybe it WASN"T the boys!!
I did hear through the neighborhood grapevine that they will be moving out of town at the end of the month.
Just so you know.. I got my sprinkler back- Tools Back  and the neighbor got his chairs.... Thank you Officer!

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Beadwright said...

Lori I keep telling you to move out of Spokane! I think you are right it may not be the boys. Glad you got a few things back.