Thursday, August 5, 2010


I am in a bad mood. And the worst part is-- I don't even know why.  Could it be the heat? Could It be that my Sweetie feels the need to argue with me about everything with the skill of a Pit Bull attorney.  GGGRR....The one thing that makes me feel better... Shopping!  So I just finished putting in an order for Some New Glass Decals..
I love these decals. They fire onto a glass surface and are Permanent.

I think I shall make this one for my good friend Nicole! She has this thing for Faeries!

I also Did some shopping for beads . Found some good deals on Delicas and ordered a Generous supply of those as well.

AAHHHHH!!!!. Thats Better.


Beadwright said...

Oooooohhhhhh I do hope I am the Nicole you are talking about. :) I am so sorry you had a gggrrrr day. Know how that is. Hope today is better. Your purchases sound fantastic and I know Rj will settle down too. LOL Men....
Have a great day today Lori.

Lori said...

Why Yes! LOL! You sre the Nicole!
Today Wil be a better day.. I seem to have got up on the RIGHT side of the bed today..I am off to work.