Monday, August 16, 2010

Float Glass

I love using recycled float glass that I receive from a local shop. First it's virtually free if you can find a good source such as your local framing or glass shop. They readily give away their scrap. Some charge a small fee. Get to know them. Second - I love the "beachy sea glass" look you can get with it. It looks Good Left clear and it looks even better with a light etching.

You can use glass paints to add color & bubble powders to create tiny bubbles or big bubbles. Its always a surprise when you take it out of the kiln. With it being free I tend to experiment more with it then my more expensive Spectrum glass. Plus-- Recycling! What could be better?

So we have a soap dish.  A set of dipping bowls. And some Cabochons with Color added. All with bubble inclusions.

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