Sunday, August 29, 2010

Flash Attack

Yesterday I wept as I read Beth's post about the loss of her beloved dog Max.  My heart just aches for her. She also posted about not wanting to replace Max with another Pit bull because of the stigma and Laws associated with the breed.  Beth-- I would not hesitate to replace Max with another Pit. You are a Great pet owner and any dog you choose will be lucky to have you.  I am a firm believer that it is NOT the dog but the people who own the dog that cause the problem.  Bad dogs usually are neglected and unloved.
On October 26 2006 I was attacked by a pit bull as I walked to my front door. It happened in a flash. The dog ran out from behind a Spruce tree and leaped towards my face. I raised my hands to block him and he latched onto my hand. It was a shockingly silent attack.  The dog shook me so hard that it tore my rotater cuff in my shoulder which was not even noticed till days later when some of the other pain had subsided a bit.
The Damage to my right hand consisted of a broken Index finger, skin and muscle peeled from My "flipper" finger and a lacerated Pinkie finger. Numerous Puncture wounds and My thumb was bitten off at the first knuckle.  The dog released me and ran off the moment my thumb came off. Why? I still don't know that answer. Just glad he did. The dog was never found. My thumb was, but could not be reattached. Its very strange sitting in an Emergency room with one off your "parts" sitting next to you in a dish.

The first surgery consisted of sewing my thumb nubbin to my "flipper" finger. They took a skin flap from my Finger and attached it the end of what was left of my thumb . They left the two sewn together for 2 weeks to make sure that Blood flow was good throughout the tissue. They took a Skin graft from my forearm and put it over the area on my finger where the tissue was gone. This whole time my hand and forearm were wrapped in gauze and bandages. It looked a little like a club. The second surgery was at 2 weeks --where they separated the finger and thumb from each other and they straightened my hand from the "fist" position that it had been wrapped in.  2 weeks later -one month after the attack I had the bulky bandages removed  stitches taken out and could finally shower without being wrapped in plastic bags. My finger and Thumb could be individually wrapped in gauze and stretchy tape and I could change the bandages everyday. I had to continue to wear bandages for about another month to protect my hand while I was at work.
Today my hand is okay but I have some issues..There is no feeling in the end of my Thumb nubbin...I frequently stab myself while beading. I don't feel it so I guess that's a bonus. I have phantom pains still. Every now and then I feel like I have a hangnail or have smashed it. But there is nothing there so you just rub what is there and hope it goes away--soon.. The skin grafts on my finger also have no feeling and get very tight.  Some days my hand aches -- kind of like a giant toothache. Beading again took some getting used to.
It all could have been much worse.
Once again I want to say-- "I do not blame that dog" ..But if the owner of it ever comes forward I may have a thing or two to say to them.
I know several people who have Pit bulls. Their dogs are loving family members and have been raised in an environment that is structured and safe.
I myself have had the pleasure of being owned by Wolf dogs... Imagine the "stigma" that goes with that! LOL!


Beadwright said...

Lori, I know this may have brought back some hard feeling and memories. Thank you so much for sharing your life story with us. I am linking it back from my blog.
Love ya sister

NEDbeads said...

Incredible. I am so impressed with your story, and your determination to keep the breed's unfairly applied bad name separate from both the dog and the attack. I believe the same as you do; people make the dogs personality with their care and environment. Or in-make it, as the case may be. I owned a wolf hybrid myself, and feared to let anyone know his true heritage. He was the best dog I ever had. Ever. I miss him every day, think of him almost as often, and will never forget him. Your pups are gorgeous!! Thank you so much for sharing your story. Nancy

Kristen said...

You are a ture animal lover! I alway blame the actions of a pet on the owner. Dogs of all breeds can be "bad" but that is just a matter of raising not of a breed! I love your wolf babies and your triumph over the aweful actions of other.

Hugs to you!

Bellesanbeaus said...

Wow Miss Lori....I just don't even know what to say. What a horrible experiance for you and yet you remain so gracious about it. I wish our city leaders could read your story but I know one or two "good" stories would not out weigh the fact that here fighting these precious animals is big money. The training that goes into making a dog with "heart" is more horrendous than the actual fighting. For grown people to stand, watch and wager on 2 poor animals that have been half starved, fed gun powder and made to fight to death is an act that seems to come from centuries ago but it still goes on here today. We had gotten another pit a couple years ago and she was stolen out of our back yard simply while I wasn't looking. I still have nightmares that my beautiful Gypsy is being fought or probably gone by now. So with having 3 pits and I too owned a hybrid wolf I think I owe my neighbors a little relax time. There are more and more children moving back into the neighborhood that aren't watched any better than the animals so I guess it's best to just have a smaller dog that we can manage better. There is a pit 2 doors down that I fear is only a matter of time before it is destroyed, the owners allow it to run free unsupervised. It has been my humble pleasure to have these creatures in my life and I and my family were so enriched by their being there. My wolf was a gentle creature that just loved playing the snow, but at times would get territorial...I understood but people with less intellegence didn't. Why would you walk up to the pin of a dog you don't know and think you could stick your hand in and pet it??? I also fear with the mental state of our city to own another pit might be harmful to the poor dog itself. Thank you for sharing yoru are a lovely spirit my new friend! My Max would have been honored to accept his treat from you. Sending you huge hugs..Beth

Lori said...

Thanks for the nice comments everyone. Its not a matter of bravery or courage. After something like this happens its more like one day following another. We all get by the best we can. Beth- I understand your thoughts on thinking it may be harmful to another pit to get one. We too have a pit in our neighborhood that often is left running loose by its owners. I worry about what will happen to it. It seems to be friendly enough and is a beautiful animal. Its fate will be in its owners uncapable hands I'm afraid.
On another note-- I have to say I saw the most adorable dog the other day... They called him a Goldoodle.. Mix of Golden retriever and poodle-- I'm a bit partial to big dogs so I thought he was gorgeous..But then-- I usually end up with a stray or something from the shelter.. I'm funny that way-- Whatever dog you choose I'm sure will be the Luckiest Dog out there. If I die I want to come back as one of your dogs! Life would be good!

Craftymoose Crafts said...

Lori, I was very moved by your story. It IS a matter of strength and courage to go through what you endured and come out feeling the way you do. I must say I have only heard the bad about pits--what I have read in the newspaper about them getting loose & attacking other dogs or people. After reading Beth's post & now yours, perhaps my mind is a little more open. Thanks for sharing.

Kristen said...

You are never going to believe this but I have been searching for you ever since I say those daisy plates but I clicked something and lost you! I have been searching because I love your work and wanted to see more! How cool is this that sweet Nicole got us connected again! I am now a follower so I won't ever loose you again!

Lori said...

LOL! Glad ypu found me Kristen! There will be more daisy dishes done soon.. Got some in the works. they sure have been popular!
Thanks everyone for the wondeful emails of support! You guys rock!