Sunday, August 29, 2010

Faerie Fairy

I have been asked several times over the last week about the glass selection process for a project.. I think everyone does it differently.  Here is a Faerie window pattern and then the finished piece. as you can see the finished project is a lot different then the pattern.. As I am selecting glass I may change my mind several times.. Sometimes I may just "settle" for a color or texture because its what I have on hand. I also may wait to do a project until the right piece of glass comes in...LOL! I guess this must mean I have absolutely no  "rhyme or reason" to the way I do it!  What Ya see is What ya get!..Anyway-- I like the actual panel much better then the pattern...

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Beadwright said...

I really don't care how you do it... it looks beautiful. Thanks for the post about pits. I put a not in and said that there are so mnay who don't know what happened to you that maybe you should blog about it.