Friday, July 30, 2010


The word Of the day..CLUTTER...Or maybe I should say DE -Clutter..Every now and again I walk into my studio and look at my work tables. The first Thing that pops into my head is " Girl" you got to many irons in the fire.

As I glance around the area I see at least 7 unfinished projects. I refuse to add another piece to the UFO  drawer. So As I sit here sipping my morning coffee, I assess the mess and decide where to start. Stained Glass Project...Fused Glass Project, Polymer Buttons? ...The Fabric Gift bags are Cut-- Just need to be sewn.
A Rag quilt that is about 90% done... Beaded Amulet bag that is 50% done. And a Pile of sketches waiting to become patterns.
Common sense says to start with the projects that are the most complete and work in the other direction.

Somehow the idea of sitting here and sewing on a quilt when its supposed to be this warm is rather unappealing. Running the kiln--also unappealing...The Smartest thing I guess.... Sew the Fabric Gift bags...Why oh Why did I start making Xmas bags in July? Bah Humbug!
I'm leaning towards adding a few new patterns to the Bead Patterns Boutique site. I now have some Pics of Finished Bracelets that need to go on..Just waiting for Barabra's Email giving me permission....
Have You all been to Bead Patterns Boutique? Marie Starr is doing a Fabulous Job..Check it out!

Everyone have a great day.....Lori


Bellesanbeaus said...

This so sounds like me!!! I always have 6 or 7 things going...and often enuf they have nothing to do with each other! lol. I learned of yoru blog from miss nicole and so glad i came over to check you what others have done with your patterns! have a great weekend...beth

Lori said...

Thanks Beth,
I did finish the quilt and will post pics later. LOL. I alwayd seem to have a Half dozen things going at once. I'm so glad you stopped by.