Saturday, July 31, 2010

Baby Quilt

Well, I am happy with the way this rag quilt turned out. I even made a few matching burp rags to go with it, I had quite a few "pills" on this one because of the flannels I used.  My mother sent me a fabric shaver that she had and the thing worked like a charm.  Thanks Mom! I think the color combinations would look good as a bead pattern. HHHHMMMMM.....Guess I will work on a fractal in my computer program and see what I can come up with.

Last night after work I finished up the order for the polymerclay buttons.  10 sets of these little cuties.
Rhonda- they will ship out Monday!
I really do enjoy working with the clay. One of these days I'll try to make some beads with it instead of buttons.

Today it's not supposed to be as hot. Right now I can hear the rumbles of thunder coming through the valley. I love a good storm and listening to the rain.
Everything seems so clean and fresh and smells wonderful.
I hope everyone has a Great day. Now that the quilt and buttons are done, I am back to beading.


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