Tuesday, April 5, 2016

News and New Ones!

Canyons Crest

Anpo Wi
 A few New Patterns, Canyons Crest, Anpo Wi, And Sedona Cuff. Im really liking the open design of the Sedona and have a few more in the works using the open spaces.
All of these were test beaded by My awesome friend Jan Hebert-Parmenter. She always does such an awesome job.
The patterns for all can be found in My Etsy store- Out Of The Flames, My Website Outoftheflames.net, and of course Bead Patterns Boutique.
If you havent stopped by The boutique lately please do. There are some awesome new designs by the designers there. Also join in on our Facebook group, get to know the ladies there, read our Gazette and grab the coupon in this months addition for some additional savings! Check out out Files section for Copies of the Monthly Gazette's.
Sedona Cuff

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Quinn- Licorice Leather design.

Another new Licorice Leather Design. Quinn is designed with "beach glass" colors for a summery fun look.
Link to pattern can be found here--

I've had several people email and ask for help with Odd count peyote. This is one of the best videos I have seen for a very visual how too.
Julie at Beadaholics, You Tube Video Is awwwwwesome!

Monday, February 1, 2016

Ownership-Pattern Copyrights

  Its one of those issues that comes up every few days. I often wonder why people think its okay to change someone else's design a tiny bit and then call it their own. How is this okay? Do they not know the laws of copyrights? Do they not realize that their reputation as a designer will be marred as it is so completely unethical that most other designers will "disconnect" from them.
  I'm confused- How can you call yourself a "designer" if all you are doing is stealing ideas and patterns from another? Is it worth that quick dollar?
 Please respect others designs and images. The constant unethical behavior by a few make many of the designers not want to share their work.

Monday, January 25, 2016

A few of my favorites

Im going to share a few more patterns by some of my favorite designers..
                                                          Desert Dawn By Starr Design

                                                         Heart and Soul By Romina Designs
 Both designs are so pretty and both designers write the best tutorials..  Visit Marie Starr and Valerie Felcetto's stores for some awesome designs.

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Kiona Cuff

Pretty Loomed Cuff Bracelet. Im thinking about trying this one in red instead of turquoise too.  This one was test beaded for me by Tonja at Soaring Hawk Traders. Thank You Tonja! You should check out her website if you have a minute. Soaring Hawk Traders .
If you would like the pattern its available in the following stores.
Out Of The Flames
Bead Patterns Boutique
The Bead Coop
If you havent joined our Bead Patterns Boutique Facebook group..Please do.. its a fun bunch of Beaders! BPB facebook group.

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Licorice Leather Bracelets & Eagle Pendant

 Have you seen the Licorice leather Bracelets that everyone seem to be wearing. I Love them. And Love making them. So many colors of the 10x6mm leather available now. And the variety of sliders available now are so awesome.  These are a few of the latest and The eagle is one that has been on studio table for a few months. Finally got the time to get that done. Hope you all are well!
The Nunki ( Top Photo) bead pattern is available at the following stores.

Out Of The Flames
Bead Patterns Boutique

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

New Bracelets

Wow-- It has been forever since I have posted here. Life has definitely thrown me a curve ball or two and its taken me a bit to get back in the groove of things.
Hopefully I can return to my regular routine of posting here.
So- these bracelets are something new I have been working on.  Licorice leather  embellished with beadwork and slider beads. Fun to make and they dont take long to put together.. Great quick gift if you need one!

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Vanishing Herds Series

A started a "new" series Of patterns a few months back. With the help of two awesome Test Beaders, Joan Maxwell & Jan Hebert Parmenter I have six of them done and listed. I have plans for 4 more.  The Vanishing Herds series will eventually be put in eBook form as well.  Anything you would like to see?   Mustang, Elk, Polar bear, Elephant, Orca, and Buffalo so far......

Monday, September 15, 2014

Out Of Hibernation- SALE

Yeppers-- I am coming out of hibernation and going to rejuvenate the beading blog..  Let start with news of an awesome sale at Bead Patterns Boutique.
While you are there be sure to shop the Untested category. Lots of new patterns there.
For the next 3 days only! Come on down and do some shopping and save 15% off your entire purchase! Just enter the code bpb1504 at check out.
I know, that sounds like that's enough, but you should know by now, we just gotta be different. So let's throw another spin on things.
If during this sale, you spend $20 or more after your 15% discount, you will receive an additional, single use discount code that will save you 25% on your next shopping trip. ( additional coupon will expire on November 1, 2014) Just keep an eye on your email. It will show up within 24 hours sent from the Boutique.
Make sure to check out all the wonderful patterns in many categories. Shop your way at the Boutique with our internal search. We even have a new category called "Patterns Un-tested". Just look to the left side of the site for all of our Category listings.
What "Un-tested" means is: These are works put together by our designers, but have not yet been beaded up. It does not mean that these are a lessor quality. Our designers are just that awesome!

Saturday, December 7, 2013

I cant see it

 Have you seen these? Eye Art by  Tal Peleg.
Such a tiny canvas and I cant imagine where a girl would wear this but still-- Kinda pretty.  Wouldnt be able to see it and admire it on yourself unless you carried around a mirror-- But still --Kinda pretty!
Not for me-- Maybe for you? -- Kinda Pretty!
Eye Art.